Stronger Together: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on 

Media & Information Literacy

Keynote Presentations

Stronger Together: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Media & Information Literacy 

Stefanie Z. Demetriades, Cathy Gottlieb, Tish Hayes, Cate Levinson, and Michelle Oh

Making Sense of Media: A Framework for Media Literacy & Introductions to News Media Literacy

Michael Spikes


Expanding the Conversation: Digital, Media, and Civic Literacies In and Out of the Library

Keynote Presentation

Facing Our Computers: Algorithmic Literacies as Praxis 

Miriam E. Sweeney


Challenging the Status Quo: Rethinking Information Literacy Theories and Practices 

Keynote Presentations

In the Name of Neutrality: What We Mean by Neutrality 

and What it Means for Us 

Laura Saunders

Vocational Awe, Resilience, and the Instructor 

Fobazi Ettarh 

Gathering with Purpose: Growing a Community of Practice

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe


News, Media and Disinformation: Making Sense in Today’s Information Landscape

Keynote Presentation

The Dark Side of Information Behavior

Nicole A. Cooke