Tuning In: Navigating Capacity, Collaboration, and Cognition in Information Literacy

Friday, April 19, 2024

Jack H. Turner Conference Center

 Student Resource Center (SRC) 2000 

College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL

Presented by College of DuPage Library and DePaul University Library

Dr. Troy Swanson


Library Department Chair, Moraine Valley Community College

Author, Knowledge as a Feeling: How Neuroscience and Psychology Impact Human Information Behavior (Rowman & Littlefield, 2023)

At this year’s Summit, we’re interested in exploring our “bandwidth” for information literacy and considering the topic from a wide range of perspectives.

stylistic people collaborating around puzzle pieces

Individual & Organizational Bandwidth

How do the material realities of budget cuts and staffing shortages shape our institutions’ information literacy programs? How do we assess and build capacity for new programs? How might we approach fine-tuning and rethinking our careers to be more fulfilled as individuals or make the most impact within our profession? 

Cognitive & Emotional Bandwidth

How can interdisciplinary work on cognition and perception inform our understanding of information literacy? How do our students’ circumstances outside of the library classroom shape their capacity for building information literacy skills?

stylistic image of a confused or overwhelmed person surrounded by question marks
stylistic image of a person on a laptop with images of data, machine learning, and technology

Tools for Increasing Our Bandwidth

To what extent can tools like generative AI create capacity in the library or the broader information ecosystem? How do we engage with new technologies strategically? Can we build capacity through collaboration? What does that collaboration look like in practice and how do we sustain it over time? 

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